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Machine Learning


Welcome to the official page of Logical Rhythm - The annual machine learning contest of Avishkar - The TechFest of MNNIT Allahabad.

This github page hosts the content of the machine learning classes, where we introduce the students to Machine Learning and attempt to proliferate their knowledge of data science.

Logical Rhythm, gives students a unique opportunity to solve real world problems and test their ability to solve tough data science problem. For beginners, it is definitely the best way to commence the perennial learning journey of data science.

Class content for Logical Rhythm - 2018

ML Classes 2019

A few testimonies of Logical Rhythm 2017 Participants:

Just like everyone else I participated in Logical Rhythm 2k17 for the prizes that were up for grabs. But the problems were so intresting that I soon started gaining interest in Machine Learning. It was fascinating to me, that how Machine Learning can be used to improve the overall living lifestyle of an individual. Later this summer I got an opportunity to intern at Salesforce. It was all because of the exposure that Logical Rhythm gave me about Machine Learning, that I could complete my project where I had to detect anomaly in the BigData CI (Continous Integration) Pipeline. I extend my thanks to the sponsors of LR2k17 for introducing individuals like me to world of Machine Learning.

Logical Rhythm is a fantastic way to begin with machine learning and data science. Everyone in the computer science Community attempts to solve problems whose logic can be found with practice eg. through greedy approach, dynamic programming. But solving problems, whose logic one cannot discern is something that fascinated me. I won 3rd prize in Logical Rhythm 2017, it helped me not only in securing an amazing internship at Goldman Sachs, but the skills I grasped by participating in Logical Rhythm, were very useful during my time at Goldman Sachs as a summer analyst.

There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am for the motivation that LR-2K17 gave me. It was the first time that I actually got to solve real worlds problems on TechGig, who sponsored the event in 2017. The problems that I solved, introduced me to pragmatics of machine learning like how to split the dataset, how to tune the hyperparameters, how to choose a model, how not to overfit…and lot more.All the skills that I cultivated during LR2K17, inturn helped me in securing a Research internship at IIIT Hyderabad.

Logical Rhythm is one of the highly rewarding and beneficial experience throughout my college life till date. It allowed me to kickstart my knowledge in machine learning, and clear the basics of “how to refine data and apply machine learning algorithm”, which initiated me to learn the algortihms to their depth, In the final competition of “Logical Rhythm”, our team stood third and was awarded a handsome amount of cash prize and goodies. The success story didn’t end there , with the basics clear , it helped me to read more about machine learning and deep learning, and then came the big moment, I was selected as a “summer analyst intern” at Goldman Sachs, and due to my interest in machine learning, I was assigned a project related to Natural language processing and machine learning - “Understanding Intent and Entity for chatbot Queries”, and due to the knowledge I had grasped and keen interest in machine learning I was able to complete the project successfully within 10 weeks duration. Avishkar was just the right stepping stone to initiate my success story in machine learning with many more to come.